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 Prep-Pal™ 3.0 automated food rotation labeling solution includes 3.0 software CD-ROM, thermal printer, and one complimentary roll of labels.

Prep-Pal™ is your automated food rotation and expiration labeling solution. This hardware/software package will save you time and money by storing your entire prep list, employee names, and expiration data. Just choose your item and click print - Prep-Pal will print an easy-to-read, easy-to-remove thermal label in about one second. No guesswork, messy handwriting, smeared ink, incorrect dates, or leftover residue. The system using thermal transfer to print your labels, meaning you'll never have to buy ink or ribbons for it.

Why Use Prep-Pal™?

•Increase your productivity
•Customized food prep list
•PC-based solution with simple setup
•Accurate, easy-to-read, thermal labels
•Prints 71 labels in 60 seconds
•Label can be customized with product name, prep date, expiration date, clerk ID, timestamp, and more!
•Create custom labels such as “use first” or “allergy alert”
•Print multiple items in one click
•Patent pending

Prep-Pal™ Includes:

•Installation CD-ROM
•Thermal printer
•One roll of labels
•Power cord
•USB cord
•Quick-Start Guide
•2-year printer warranty

See the Prep-Pal in action, find out what people are talking about.

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