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FIFO, Squeeze & Spray Bottles

 Cleaning Instructions for Squeeze Bottle
When replenishing bottles or shakers, never mix new product with old product. Squeeze bottles/shakers must be completely emptied, washed, rinsed & sanitized before re-filling.
Tips for cleaning Your Squeeze Bottles:
  • Pre-rinse the bottle & caps using hot water to
    remove sauce particles.
  • Wash, rinse, sanitize.
  • Air dry as usual.
If sauce particles remain after washing, here's a helpful tip:
  • Fill the bottle half way with hot, soapy water & connect both caps.
  • Shake the bottle vigorously to dislodge remaining sauce particles.
  • Use a cloth to wash the bottle & caps.
  • Rinse, sanitize and air dry as usual.
Do not use a brush or force other items through the valve when cleaning - using a device or abrasive action can dislodge the valve, requiring replacement of the entire cap.

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