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T-Flex Telequip Coin Dispenser

T-Flex Telequip Coin Dispenser-CA

Telequip T-Flex Coin Dispenser for SUBWAY® franchisee's... sell more as more customers go through your line, the register position can create a thru-put bottleneck. Consider adding a coin dispenser, which can:

  • Save up to eight seconds per transaction at checkout time.
  • Reduce time counting the drawer – no need to count handfuls of coins.
  • Simplify shift changes and reduce coin replenishment throughout the day.
  • Reduce errors in giving back change.

The Telequip T-Flex has been tested and approved for use, and can be ordered for the new SUBWAY® POS system or added to an existing POS system

Dispenses change fast & effectively. Cuts down on cashier error & time. 12 Month Manufacturer warranty. • Simple to install • Pre-wired installation • Training is fast & easy • Holds approx. 200 transactions Power • 4 amps max • External power supply • 120-240 volt or 60hz. 32 VDC
**Lead time is around 12-16 business days**

See theT-Flex coin loading in action, find out what people are talking about.

NOTE: The T-Flex Telequip Coin Dispenser is no longer manufactured with the penny slot.

**Please expect a 2-3 week lead time**
T-Flex Telequip Coin Dispenser
Item# C8065

Item# C8065
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