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OVEN MITT,QuicKlean,GRN,15",MED - CA

Familiar Style...

Maximum Safety: The ultimate in employee protection from multiple heat sourcesin either wet or dry conditions. QuicKlean conventional style mitts are available in multiple lengths (12, 15, 18, 24 inches) to provide full hand and arm protection. The QuicKlean puppet style mitt is available for applications requiring extended handling times and therefore are designed with extra insulation in the hand/palm area. Tucker Safety Products exclusive VaporGuard™ barrier is on the outside to protect from spills, splashes, steam, and hot surfaces.

Maximum Savings: Protecting your employees from injury is just one way Tucker Safety Products saves you money. Our protective apparel is designed to last up to 10 times longer than ordinary products, so you will be making fewer purchases and achieving a higher level of protection. We reduce both risk and spending!

Maximum Sanitation: Tucker Safety Products exclusive VaporGuard™ barrier is also on the inside, making clean up easy and fast. QuicKlean promotes a safe, sanitary food handling environment with protective apparel that stays clean while preventing accidents and injury.

Maximum Service: At Tucker Safety Products, we do much more than make and sell the Best in Class protective apparel. It’s our business to know your business. We bring our expertise in food service safety and sanitation to the relationship, anticipating and adapting to your protection needs as they change along with your menu, equipment, and procedures.

Protects up to 550°F
Item# C943

Item# C943
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