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Prep-Pal 3.0 Label Maker Kit - CA


If you’ve spent any time preparing food for a Subway restaurant, you’ll know that every second matters. Preparing for the restaurant to open, or preparing for a lunch rush, you know how important proper prepping is. Hand-in-hand with proper prep comes an efficient food labeling system like this Prep-Pal 3.0, the Automated Food Rotation Manager.

When you introduce such a food rotation manager as this Prep-Pal 3.0, you’ll get many added benefits that you don’t normally see from a manual labeling process. Automated labels provide you with easy-to-read labels that can be from either use-first, allergy alert, or custom. The software included will calculate expiration dates for you, preventing any guessing from your employees.

This system, being the 3.0 version, is able to produce 51 labels per minute. Label the tomatoes that you’ve sliced, or the tuna that you’ve prepared, or label the leftovers from that day with a “use first” label. However you choose to use the Prep-Pal 3.0, you’ll be more confident when it comes to inspections and training new employees. The software is incredibly easy to use and works on most POS machines or any Windows-based PC, so there’s no additional costs required to set it up

Included with every Prep-Pal 3.0 Kit is:

  • Prep-Pal Software CD
  • Thermal Label Printer
  • One roll of Premium-Peel 2x2 Labels
  • Power Cord and Adapter
  • USB Cord
  • And the Prep-Pal Quick-Start Guide
Example of a customized Prep-Pal label with Subway logo
Prep-Pal Label Maker
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